This is what procrastination looks like…

The last few weeks have been a blur since the start of the academic semester/year.  We have made it through several receptions, and finally I am feeling in to a groove.  However, I have found I’m procrastinating on some of my school work (mainly reading).   I think it’s because we have our oldest home from school and we are able to get some things done around the house without having a two year old helping.

So, this is house Saturday played out:

1. took dog to vet

2. monthly shopping

3. cleaned out bran’s room…which led to calling a trash man to take some moldy stuff (including our old carpet)

4. seven or eight loads of laundry…and we still have 2 days left in the weekend

5. finishing the paint on the quarter round

6. using the mower and weed eater this morning

By the end of the weekend I hope to have the deck pressure washed too! But today, we are headed to a corn maze for some much needed down time as a family! I hope you’re enjoying your 3 day weekend!

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