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We usually take salads to work, and have for the last year.  Each weekend we spend time in the kitchen, cutting up vegetables, baking chicken and assembling it all into ziploc baggies.  It works.  However, I’d been seeing the salad in a mason jar posts, on Pinterest, quite a bit so I thought we’d give it a try.  We got a dozen of the quart size jars with a normal size mouth.  With just the two of us needing lunches, 12 was just enough.  We figured if it didn’t work, the $8 investment of the jars wouldn’t be a total loss.

Our first salad was a generic cobb (romaine lettuce, hard boiled eggs, carrots, cucumbers, onions and cherry tomatoes.  We kept the dressing separate.  As long as you put the lettuce in last, it should keep for at least a week.  And I found during this last batch (week 3 of using them) that if you don’t fill it completely full, we can squeeze dressing into the jar (at lunch time from work), shake and eat right from the jar.  Less mess.

We have done a variation of a caesar salad and again this week a typical side salad.  After the initial investment of the jars, we probably average about $2 – $ 3 per salad each day.  Not bad considering we’d spend at least $8 in the food court.

However, what is great is that on Sunday we have all the lunches done for the entire week.  It seems to saves time during the work week at night, mainly because we don’t have to get all the ziplocs of salad supplies out to prep a salad each night.

And the salads do keep from Sunday thru Friday…however, Monday was a stretch (we experimented). We also found out romaine lettuce seems to hold up better than an iceberg.  We used it one weekend because it was just what we had at the house.  A good size, head of romaine will also produce enough lettuce for 10 salads.  As one 1 pound of deli meat – we have just chopped it into cubes once we get home. Vegetables and other topping you can make to order, of course.

It has also kept us from eating out at lunch time too, it’s psychological, but saving money isn’t ‘a bad thing!  So have fun with it and let me know what types of salad variations you’ve tried!!

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