Summer is over

With summer over I am still trying to figure out where the time went too, and I am still waiting for things to slow down. Although we’re over 1/2 way through the calendar year, I find working in higher education puts us on more of an academic calendar cycle. We flew into summer with Brandon’s graduation, and departure to Parris Island for basic training. We’ve been to Florida, and photographed weddings, engagements, head shots for television and agency sites. We have had visitors galore and quiet time too. We’ve fixed the a/c in the van, and the house, and laid new flooring in our house twice. And this week starts my second semester as a doc student. Two classes in, sixteen more to go. And I’m happy to say I got A’s in both classes (4.0), not a bad start considering my anxiety around writing again. It make me tired just typing all of it. And on top of it all I’ve committed to teaching a 13 week course to student veterans who are reentering the work force. It is actually proving to be lots of fun and challenging too. Who knew teaching Microsoft Office could be this much fun!

And like that, summer is over.  Classes have had a rolling start all over the state since last week and will continue through next week. Traffic is gearing back up, and the work days are getting longer. I hope you all had an enjoyable summer vacation.  I hope you had a nice summer and are looking forward to the fall.

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