Interesting Day

Before the holidays I was challenged to read four books (in a month), document the “most interesting” thing or idea that happens each day and to develop a creative project at the end of the month.  You see, I met with a scholar about the potential of starting a small, informal, writing group.  I guess it gets chalked up to the “find time for me” resolution for 2013.  The books I was challenged to read were:

1. Zen in the Art of Writing, by Ray Bradbury

2. Best American Short Stories of 2012, editing by Tom Perotta and Heidi Pitlor

3. a book by an author I love – I chose, Everything on it by Shel Silverstein

4. a book by an author I’ve never read, The Sneezing Christmas Tree, by Aaron Kerr

For most people, four books in a month is no big deal, but for me it’s a challenge to find the time to read.  So I cheated, because both books 3 and 4 were easy, short read, and surprisingly so was 1.  Nonetheless I read the books and I’m in the process of finishing 2, because lets face it I have a toddler who is my mini me and I’m impressed I got that much reading done while at home for a week.  And I have two more books by new authors that I’ve picked up that I will probably fit in before the end of the month too.

The “interesting day” was a little more challenging as my days are pretty routine but I’ve attempted to make mental note of what happens day to day.  Most of the interesting ideas or “things” that have happened shockingly have to do with my small child.  However, with it being a new year and having a clean slate of sorts, we have some developed some interesting business venture ideas that have a lot of potential!

There is still a little time to develop my creative project, whether it be a poem, short story or memoir.  We’ll have to see what I’m drawn to, as that is usually what ends up here on the page anyway!

So…what are you reading this 2013?  Are you on Goodreads?  Look me up, friend me, follow me! I’d love to follow your reading travels!

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