New Year, New Me 2.0

It’s my birthday! It’s also the start of a new year.

We have been reflecting on the last year and talking about what’s coming up for 2013. I pulled up a blog I wrote about this time last year and found that we actually checked off many of my goals. Perhaps it was because we made realistic ideas instead of those lofty goals that don’t last past February. But between celebrating a 1st birthday, graduation, two family weddings and Scott’s niece and great nephew moving a little closer, we have seen family a lot! And I’m also reconnected with some friends who were passing through Atlanta. I have carved out time to see Butter during the work week more and the benefit of her co sleeping with me, and having a favorite word of “Mom-me” we really are in separable! And thankfully we FINALLY got rid of our rental property, which was a huge relief! And I mailed off my application to grad school, which is just in under the wire for 2012. Lastly, while we haven’t been on many dates, we have had the great opportunity to work together at numerous weddings, engagement and portrait sessions. We are really pleased with where things are headed with Leisure Foto and especially having things lined up all the way through June! We launched a new website, as well as the version 1.0 of the iphone app. Having said that, I gifted a year of pre planned and pre paid (mostly) dates for Team Puddin! Each month is planned out for the next year, so all we have to do is pick a day during the month we want to go out…and find a babysitter :)

So, what’s coming up for 2013? Good question. I think I would like to keep the same themes, family, friends and Team Puddin. The next six months will be interesting as Brandon finishes up HS and heads to boot camp and Allison is at her program – we might have a quiet house this summer! As quiet as Butter will let it be! But beyond the 6-month outlook its really an open book. But here is what I know:

  • We have a few trips planned within the next six months (Florida x 2, and Hawaii)
  • We want to do little home improvement projects. Since we will probably be here for a while longer, we will work on creating a more homey place.
  • Hang. More. Recent. Pictures. Collectively we have over 23,000 pictures and very old prints on the wall! This should be an easy fix!
  • Continue to grow Leisure Foto. When we started in 2008 we never planned for it to be our sole source of income. We just enjoy doing it and LOVE being able to offer low prices, and high quality!

Goodness, that seems like a lot for 6 months!

How was your 2012? What was the best thing that happened in 2012? What are you MOST looking forward to in 2013?

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