DIY Christmas: Mom and Dad


I absolutely love Mason jars. You can use them for canning, glasses or even a DIY gift jar. I don’t know about you, but my dad is always so difficult to buy for, and maybe it’s because he has everything! But when we were visiting my parents during Thanksgiving, I noticed that he was really into baking bread, so I decided to create him a Oatmeal and Chocolate chip bread mix. Check out this site for all the ingredients and how to put it together!

The coffee mug was also something I saw a lot of when pinning ideas. You can really make any cup, plate, or mug your own with a few simple things. This white mug was from the dollar store and I bought a sharpie marker/pen from Wal-mart. I designed the mug, and cooked it for 30 minutes on 350 degrees.


This gift is something I had a difficult time parting with, mainly because I LOVE it – and usually forget birthdays until THAT day making gifts and cards always LATE! The board was from Michael’s and I had some acrylic paints from a school project. I printed out the letters (this is called Teeny Boppin nf) and etched them into the board. I went back and painted those letters with my sharpie pen/marker from above. I had bough some key tags from Wal-mart (located in the automotive department) but you can really use anything as long as you can hook em together. And each tag represents a person in my family with the name and date (ie: Colleen 2). Oh, my dad helped me drill those like eye hooks in to the board which I also purchased from Wal-mart. They came in a bag of 20 so I actually have almost enough to make another one!