DIY Christmas: Niece and Nephew


I <3 my niece and nephews but we don’t get to see each other nearly enough! So I especially wanted to gift them a little love from me! The boards above are from Michael’s and I painted them with some of that acrylic paint from a school project. My brother told me the boys room was blue, so I used that as my theme. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to create an image on the board, or first initial. I went with the first initial since that might last longer than an imagine. So, I used some galvanized roofing nails to outline the letters and painted the tips with an accenting color! My dad also helped me attached the wall hanging to the back – I attached it but upside down the first time, oops!


Little girls love princess, so these frames are for my lovely niece. I purchased the frames 4×6 from Michael’s and Google Disney princess silhouette and selected a few images. Each is printed on purple paper. They can be hung on the wall or set on a night stand or dresser.


And each also received a personalized gingerbread man apron. We love to cook and eat so I figured that when the kids are helping mom and dad in the kitchen they can wear their apron! Each apron was from Michael’s and I purchased the felt from Wal-mart. I attached everything with felt glue, and sewed gingy down as well. Getting things secured was the most difficult part, but I think they turned out nice!

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