Let’s make some cookies

Spritz CookiesBesides hunting for where my loved ones have tried to hide my Christmas gifts (under beds and closet don’t work, just ask my mom), baking Christmas treats if my next favorite tradition of the season.  For the last several years, I’ve tried really hard to get us “ready” for Christmas early enough so we can enjoy the season and partake in some of my favorite traditions.  Growing up with a grandpa as a baker, I feel I’ve acquired the necessary skills to bake! That coupled with the worlds worst sweet tooth and wham 5 lbs by new years.

I don’t discriminate when it comes to Christmas treats; cookies, cakes, brownies, bars are all just so tasty.  However, in talking with my dad the other night I identified one item I will NOT eat, fruit cake, ick.

Last weekend I got to bake up a storm with my sil which was a ton of fun.  We made cookies, buckeyes, bars, you name it! We had that oven, mixer and rolling pin bakin’! And this weekend, hubs and I are going to bake a little more.  We made a couple batch of spritz cookies earlier in the month but sticky hands, Bran seemed to eat them all for breakfast.

What’s on your baking list? What represents the holidays for YOU in the form of tasty treats? Do you have special family cookie recipes?

…and let me know if you need my address for sending those treats my way :)


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