First paycheck

Since my two month hiatus Al has left for her live in vocational program, which we are super stoked about – her program, not her leaving :)  It was a lot of hurry up and wait then WHAM she was off!  I’m convinced we were more concerned about the transition for her, rather than us, but boy those first few weeks were a transition. And even still its a transition having to prep coffee every night and getting the mail.  It is nice having an extra set of hands on the long work days and nights, not to mention coming home to freshly vacuumed carpet!

She’s in week five or six and has already started driving lessons, received her first pay check and attends class daily.  She has made tons of friends, which we are so happy about and even a few guys who are friends – I think that’s how you say it these days.

She spent the week of Thanksgiving with us, so we got the full 411, not to mention fed her every favorite food known to man.  And her and Butter picked up speaking their own language. “ehh”, “what”, “ehh”, “what”…I’m pretty sure my siblings and I had a similar language.

She’s back on campus for a month and will be home for a good bit of time around Christmas and New Years.  But it’s still so crazy have had this program fall in our laps, her qualify and for it to be totally free.  I think it’s something like $700/day for her to be there (room/board, etc.) and for a minimum of 8 months, and we don’t have to contribute anything…well except for paying taxes.  Tell that to my student loans!




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